Mountain Peaks Studio is a needlework design and instruction studio, located in Parker, Colorado, along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Founded by Jeannette Tombaugh, an avid needleworker, creating original needlework designs and instructional classes for students of all skill levels and experience, from beginner through advanced. Class offerings include in-person classes or on-line classes. Please contact me for details.

Seasons of the Heart Series – Autumn

Leaves Changing Colors

Colors warming my heart

Autumn has arrived

Changing of the Seasons – Embrace the Change

Every time the season changes, I embrace the new season with hope and excitement. I fall in love with the different meanings and colors of each season.

This an intermediate/advanced two-day class focuses on changing the appearance of a stitch by using different threads and techniques. The design size is 8 x 7.5 inches.

In keeping with the changing seasons, this design illustrates change in beautiful ways. This piece will inspire you to embrace change when working on a needlework design.

Beyond the Moon

Staring up at the moon

Wondering what is beyond

Thoughts of stars, planets

I enjoy paying tribute to individual family members.  Beyond the Moon was inspired by the late Clyde Tombaugh.  Clyde a distant cousin of my husband, discovered Pluto.  In 1926, Clyde built his own telescope on his parents’ Kansas farm.  He sent his observations to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona, which, in 1929, offered him a position. During his 14 years at the Observatory, Clyde discovered over 30,000 celestial objects.  One of his earliest discoveries was the planet Pluto.  The name, suggested by an eleven year old girl, is from the Roman God of the underworld who had the ability to make himself invisible.  A fitting name for a planet that remained undiscovered for many years.  

Except for a stint in the military during World War II, Clyde spent the rest of his life and career in New Mexico; first for the U.S. Government and then with the faculty at the New Mexico State University.  He died in 1997.

The discovery of Pluto earned him a place as one of the world’s prominent astronomers.  In 2006, a portion of his ashes was placed aboard the New Horizons spacecraft launched to explore Pluto.  In fact, it took nine  years for the spacecraft to reach and fly by Pluto, which occurred in July of 2015.

My design, “Beyond the Moon,” is a tribute to both Clyde and where he spent most of his adult life. The image is of a Native American woman looking at the moon and beyond in hopes of seeing the planet, Pluto.  I have often wondered what the planet would be like. 

This piece was designed, in part, to illustrate creating perspective in needlepoint.  To create a three dimensional look, I appliquéd the woman’s dress onto the canvas. The house and foreground were created by blending overdyed threads to enhance dimension and shadow.  The door and window frames, as well as the ladder, were created using miniature dollhouse sized blades of grass and securing them to the canvas with floss.  The blades of grass were painted with a dark brown COPIC marker. The beams of the house are represented by beads. Just for fun, the moon and the smaller planet were stitched in glow-in-the-dark thread.

Using different techniques and types of threads in this design, I have created a tribute to Clyde Tombaugh whose life and love of astronomy have always been an inspiration to me.


Good Night and Sweet Dreams

All Bad Dreams Evaporate

All Good Dreams Remain

Did you ever wish that you could make all good dreams remain with you while bad dreams are kept from you and destroyed when the sun rises? Now is your chance to create a one of kind dream catcher.

Combining needlework including; blending of threads, painting canvas, and embellishing with beads and learning how to incorporate the art of macramé. This design uses an orange and turquoise color pallet and is approximately 11 x 16 inches. This intermediate/advance class can be taught in a 3 or 4 day class.

My Flower Garden

Whimsical Flowers

Enjoy the colors of fun

Pinks and Purples

Imagine flowers sitting on your favorite table enhanced with the aroma of daisies, sweet lilacs, and tulips welcoming springtime. This piece, “My Flower Garden,” is my rendition of a very simple, whimsical flower garden image. This project features wonderful colors, interesting stitches and threads.

This class focuses on how to create a delightful piece incorporating several different types of stitching and threads. The stitches that will be used are from five different stitching families. Learn how to work with different types of silk and metallic threads. This intermediate design is approximately 7 x 9 inches. This is a class that can be taught in 2 days.

The Lost Samplers

My lecture, “ The Lost Samplers,” is a historical/genealogy lecture examining samplers from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The lecture takes us to a small town in western Pennsylvania to trace our family roots. We visit one of the oldest B&B in the country that was once owned by our ancestors. We come upon several original samplers that were displayed in the Inn. Two month’s later the Inn was destroyed and all the samplers were gone. I have done some genealogy tracing on the the samplers and I am working to restore the samplers with help from various chapters to give back to the Inn. The Inn was rebuilt and opened in 2018. They are still open through these trying times as well.

It’s in the Box


Your eyes are awaiting a surprise when you peer into a box for the first time, especially if you don’t know what is inside. This box represents a sparkling gem, using a monochromatic green color scheme of contrasting values.

This is a one day intermediate class that focuses on color values and dimensional stitching. When using different color values of a color you can illustrate a visual effect to one’s eye. 

Color values and dimension is demonstrated by using some over-dyed threads and hidden or exposed padded stitches.

All About the Diamonds

Welcome to “All about the Diamonds”

Diamonds are very versatile. They are symbolic of love and romance that puts a sparkle and glisten in your eye. They can be industrial to cut hard metals. The shape of a diamond is used artistically in Canvas Needlework pieces to add dimension.

Diamond stitches can provide either a smooth or raised appearance.  This piece will illustrate how versatile diamond stitches are by using Straight stitches and Rhodes stitches to give the piece a dimensional appearance.

This is offered as a beginner/intermediate class concentrating on two different diamond stitches: Diamond Straight stitch with variations and the Diamond Rhodes stitch.  We will be using various threads to give this design sparkle while visually maintaining a smooth diamond look.  The design will be on 18 count white mono canvas.  The design is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall.  I finished this piece for a jewelry box. This class is a great chapter or guild piece which can be taught in a 4 to 6 hour class.

Stars Aligned

Follow the Rainbow of your dreams and eventually the stars will align. 

My inspiration for this piece is the story of how I have started my journey of a NAN certified Needlework teacher and designer. I have been thinking about this for a couple of years.  The past year I was invited to take a pilot class from Toni Gerdes and we discussed this possibility and it was probably too late to get started this year.  Her response was ”Watch Me! We’ll see you in Michigan in three weeks.”  All the logistics fell into place and all the “Stars Aligned“ for me to start my journey.  

This is a beginner needlework class, which is 12 hours in length. We will be meeting four times; each session will be for three hours. I will be sharing with you 11 different stitches that are part of three different stitch families: the straight, diagonal, and cross-stitch family.  We will use five different types of thread, which will give you a sneak-peak into the varieties of fibers that can be used in creating needle artwork.  The design will be on 18 count mono canvas.  The design is 8 inches wide and 7 inches tall.