All About the Diamonds

Welcome to “All about the Diamonds”

Diamonds are very versatile. They are symbolic of love and romance that puts a sparkle and glisten in your eye. They can be industrial to cut hard metals. The shape of a diamond is used artistically in Canvas Needlework pieces to add dimension.

Diamond stitches can provide either a smooth or raised appearance.  This piece will illustrate how versatile diamond stitches are by using Straight stitches and Rhodes stitches to give the piece a dimensional appearance.

This is offered as a beginner/intermediate class concentrating on two different diamond stitches: Diamond Straight stitch with variations and the Diamond Rhodes stitch.  We will be using various threads to give this design sparkle while visually maintaining a smooth diamond look.  The design will be on 18 count white mono canvas.  The design is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall.  I finished this piece for a jewelry box. This class is a great chapter or guild piece which can be taught in a 4 to 6 hour class.

Stars Aligned

Follow the Rainbow of your dreams and eventually the stars will align. 

My inspiration for this piece is the story of how I have started my journey of a NAN certified Needlework teacher and designer. I have been thinking about this for a couple of years.  The past year I was invited to take a pilot class from Toni Gerdes and we discussed this possibility and it was probably too late to get started this year.  Her response was ”Watch Me! We’ll see you in Michigan in three weeks.”  All the logistics fell into place and all the “Stars Aligned“ for me to start my journey.  

This is a beginner needlework class, which is 12 hours in length. We will be meeting four times; each session will be for three hours. I will be sharing with you 11 different stitches that are part of three different stitch families: the straight, diagonal, and cross-stitch family.  We will use five different types of thread, which will give you a sneak-peak into the varieties of fibers that can be used in creating needle artwork.  The design will be on 18 count mono canvas.  The design is 8 inches wide and 7 inches tall.