My Flower Garden

Whimsical Flowers

Enjoy the colors of fun

Pinks and Purples

Imagine flowers sitting on your favorite table enhanced with the aroma of daisies, sweet lilacs, and tulips welcoming springtime. This piece, “My Flower Garden,” is my rendition of a very simple, whimsical flower garden image. This project features wonderful colors, interesting stitches and threads.

This class focuses on how to create a delightful piece incorporating several different types of stitching and threads. The stitches that will be used are from five different stitching families. Learn how to work with different types of silk and metallic threads. This intermediate design is approximately 7 x 9 inches. This is a class that can be taught in 2 days.

It’s in the Box


Your eyes are awaiting a surprise when you peer into a box for the first time, especially if you don’t know what is inside. This box represents a sparkling gem, using a monochromatic green color scheme of contrasting values.

This is a one day intermediate class that focuses on color values and dimensional stitching. When using different color values of a color you can illustrate a visual effect to one’s eye. 

Color values and dimension is demonstrated by using some over-dyed threads and hidden or exposed padded stitches.

All About the Diamonds

Welcome to “All about the Diamonds”

Diamonds are very versatile. They are symbolic of love and romance that puts a sparkle and glisten in your eye. They can be industrial to cut hard metals. The shape of a diamond is used artistically in Canvas Needlework pieces to add dimension.

Diamond stitches can provide either a smooth or raised appearance.  This piece will illustrate how versatile diamond stitches are by using Straight stitches and Rhodes stitches to give the piece a dimensional appearance.

This is offered as a beginner/intermediate class concentrating on two different diamond stitches: Diamond Straight stitch with variations and the Diamond Rhodes stitch.  We will be using various threads to give this design sparkle while visually maintaining a smooth diamond look.  The design will be on 18 count white mono canvas.  The design is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall.  I finished this piece for a jewelry box. This class is a great chapter or guild piece which can be taught in a 4 to 6 hour class.