Good Night and Sweet Dreams

All Bad Dreams Evaporate

All Good Dreams Remain

Did you ever wish that you could make all good dreams remain with you while bad dreams are kept from you and destroyed when the sun rises? Now is your chance to create a one of kind dream catcher.

Combining needlework including; blending of threads, painting canvas, and embellishing with beads and learning how to incorporate the art of macramé. This design uses an orange and turquoise color pallet and is approximately 11 x 16 inches. This intermediate/advance class can be taught in a 3 or 4 day class.

It’s in the Box


Your eyes are awaiting a surprise when you peer into a box for the first time, especially if you don’t know what is inside. This box represents a sparkling gem, using a monochromatic green color scheme of contrasting values.

This is a one day intermediate class that focuses on color values and dimensional stitching. When using different color values of a color you can illustrate a visual effect to one’s eye. 

Color values and dimension is demonstrated by using some over-dyed threads and hidden or exposed padded stitches.